EUROPEAN CanSat Competition 2021

IL FERMI VINCE IL PREMIO "Highest Technical Achievement"

SERVIZIO RAI 3 Regione del 20 ottobre 2021

Servizio TG2 del 21 ottobre 2021

The prize for the Highest Technical Achievement goes to Italy
Massimo Bandecchi, Lead System Engineer for ESA:

"(...) by the look of it you might imagine what the prize is about: it's the highest technical achievement. Also, in this case, I've been really astonished after 32 years of doing space, of how students can do these kinds of things. Now why have we decided for this price a specific team: well, because that team has shown a robust design, fitting the scientific objectives of the mission, very good flow-down of requirements from mission down to system, down to subsystem requirements, and demonstrating the final compliance. Fantastic!
Excellent analysis of errors in order to adapt the design, outstanding approach to the redesign of the CanSat to fulfill the requirements posed by the challenges. Probably you recognise yourself, to have done all of this amazing job. The prize for the Highest Technical Achievement goes to Italy! With sCANSATi project. Congrats!"
La premiazione dell'8 ottobre

Le interviste ad Annamaria Prandini e ai ragazzi su TRC:

Il Fermi vince la competizione 2021. Il video con i segreti del lancio.